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Investment way
Investment way
For our investors to carry out.
Our investment approach is driven by rigorous basic research, advanced quantitative analysis and proven technology platform. In order to determine the investment strategy of each of our best ideas, innovative ideas and we rely on our people: discipline, the ultimate goal of the team is deeply involved in the implementation of our investors and Capital Partners high risk adjusted investment effect after consistent from beginning to end.
Our investment principle
In the pursuit of successful investment, the idea is not enough. We believe that the preparation and implementation of the set of Castle separate. Our team members share a commitment to make unremitting efforts and cooperation, comprehensive planning and meaningful iteration. Under the guidance of these shared necessity, we act quickly to create and grasp the most promising opportunities.
Committed to driving results
Seasoning, hard work and drive, we focus on in-depth research and rigorous analysis of the global investment team.
Castle has a global footprint with multiple offices around the world
Chicago \ New York \ \ \ San Francisco London Hongkong \ Boston \ Dallas \ Denver \ \ Houston \ Toronto Greenwich
12 average years of experience in senior management team
One thousand five hundred and fifty
Under the analyst coverage of the stock
In our global equity strategy

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