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Stephen Lieblich, chief technology officer of hedge fund business.


Expansion technology Citadel's unparalleled global leadership

Chicago, Illinois - (June 27, 2016) - the castle announced the appointment of Stephen Citadel's Lieblich hedge fund business as chief technology officer. A 30 year old veteran Morgan Stanley, Steve has served as a series of senior technical roles, recently served as chief information officer of Morgan stanley. Steve will report to Citadel's founder and chief executive, Kenneth Griffin C., and will be joining the company this fall.

Prior to Morgan Stanley as chief information officer, Steve's responsibilities in the company include the leadership and its institutional securities group, including investment banking, sales and trading operations of the technology sector. Prior to this, he led the science and technology group and technical team to support cross asset electronic transactions.

"Castle is a world-class leader and innovative technology, Steve will help us grow and expand this leadership position," Ken Griffin said. "Our ability to develop and take full advantage of the market leading patented technology is the basis of our castle strategy, so that we can study the operation of the entire investment process in all aspects of the operation of the insight. We are very pleased to have Steve's talent and experience to join our team of mature innovators. "

More than a century of 1/4 castles have been developed and deployed in a powerful, efficient and scalable technology platform to achieve unparalleled investment and risk management processes in the industry leader. Technology allows us to study the process, so that we can quickly and accurately implement their own views, in a competitive financial market provides a decisive advantage. Castle to attract the world's leading experts on the impact of the performance of the company's incredible.

"The castle has been using technology to create a strong competitive edge in its investment team," said Stephen Lieblich. "I am proud to lead the Citadel team adept, passionate talents, and I trust that I will be indebted forever castle."

Steve graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor's degree in economics, and served as a board of directors of the leukemia lymphoma society of New York. He also served as the CLS card, and in the Hat Red's Strategic Advisory Committee, and in the FINRA technical advisory committee.

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