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Expand our potential, focus on the crisis of opportunity.


Continuous focus on Performance

With more than $24 billion of investment capital for August 1, 2016, the castle is still concentrated on its target for investors to provide consistent high risk adjusted returns.


Promote market stability and integrity

In October 2012, Castle securities was selected to participate in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's market technology round table, to support the perfect market structure to speak. Castle securities are advised to inform regulators, exchanges and market participants as they implement new safeguards in the era of automated trading.


Improve the market structure

The policy analysis and suggestions of the Citadel, in December 2012 announced the rule has milepost sense CFTC rules cited more than 50 times, for interest rate swaps and credit default swaps, is in the implementation of Article 71 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street reform and a significant step of consumer law.


Recover high water mark

Citadel's flagship fund from the financial crisis, the impact of full recovery, in January 2012 to get back to their losses.


Expand our potential

After the global financial crisis in 2008, the castle sought new ways to expand its talent, expertise and capital to achieve the performance of investors. The company launched an independent fund in a number of strategies.


Improve the investor's Bar

Citadel's growth and success continues to be widely recognized by the industry. 2008, institutional investors Alfa to create a hedge fund Hall of fame, and the castle CEO Ken Griffin 14 first selected.


Focus on the crisis of opportunity

In 2006, the acquisition of Castle amaranth Advisors' energy portfolio and Sowood credit portfolio, most of which are experiencing financial distress two hedge funds.

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Expand to the East

Joining the Citadel's Hongkong office in 2005, one of the world's most spectacular financial markets has accelerated the participation of companies. Today, the castle offices including Chicago, New York, London, Hongkong, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Houston and Toronto Greenwich.

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