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Ken Griffin discusses the future of the economy and human

Ken Griffin discusses the future of the economy and human capital in the Milken Institute Global Conference value

Castle CEO Ken Griffin attended the Milken Institute Global Conference in the two group provides to the world and the future of the US economy planning, discuss the importance of establishing an optimal hedge fund class of human capital. With Allianz talk "Mohamed El Erian, hosted by the Wall Street journal's Gerard Beck, Griffin shared his optimism in the United States (10:55), capital expenditure and demand growth, low oil price and discuss the future impact of American energy revolution (26:25), and argue that the rise of activist investors. The United States will be corporate governance (51:55) net income. For the global market, Griffin predicted that Greece from the euro area (36:15) and action from China's central government's potential exports to ensure that their economies (47:30) continued to grow.

Griffin also joined the veteran hedge fund managers in the human capital panel, sharing his two leadership Fundamentals: your coaching and star hugging income (26:00). According to Griffin, manager of the lone wolf days have come to an end - the success of high performance needs a team who are eager to learn from each other in the market today. The castle calls a "incredible talent of personal relationships," Griffin explains how to learn early in his career he built the castle commissioned occupation is allowed to become the market leader (36:00).

In the two panel of the Milken institute.

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