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Competitive and liquidity reliability

Competitive and liquidity reliability

Foreign exchange trader

Competitive and liquidity reliability

Castle executive service is the spot G10 and Forex emerging markets as well as gold's primary liquidity provider. Through advanced technology and deep market and product experience, we strive to create customized solutions for customers in more than and 20 countries to provide quality services. We are also proud to provide strong liquidity in all market conditions, as a reliable provider of liquidity to the market.

In addition to being a major liquidity in the electronic trading system, we provide disclosure pricing to market participants such as banking, retail and institutional brokerage and proprietary trading companies. Our pricing is available around the world with direct API and third party technology at data centers.

The advantages of this CES

Competitive and liquidity reliability

We never stop raising the bar for customer service. We regularly improve the introduction of new products and access to new sources of liquidity, our products.

A deeper level of liquidity

Our automated trading platform, the source of liquidity

From all the main lighting venues and more than 25

Alternative mobile sites, thus maximizing the

Trading opportunities for our customers.

Save time and money for customers and investors


Price increase application in 2015 4

The average CES saves investors $5.36 per order 5

4 RegOne. In line with the conditions listed shares in accordance with the improvement, improvement of implementation of SEC rules 605 multiplied by CES.

5 RegOne. Based on the 1000 stock market order. According to the implementation of net / share multiplied by 1000 SEC 605 rules in line with the market share of order.

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